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Discover Jonty's story, passion, and vision. Explore what sets him apart and fuels his dedication to capturing unforgettable moments.

Hello, I'm Jonty Perrett

Profesional Photgrapher in Nelson

Born and raised in Nelson, New Zealand, Jonty specializes in capturing the vibrant energy of events, concerts, festivals, and gigs. His journey began with a fascination for fleeting moments, evolving into a deep passion for freezing time and preserving the magic within. With 8 years behind the lens, his perspective is shaped by encounters with incredible people, diverse cultures, and the pulsating rhythm of live events.

His lens gravitates towards the raw emotion, energy that unfold in the midst of events and live performances. Armed with Canon precision, Godox versatility, and the dynamic perspective of GoPro, he brings a powerful combination to every project. While recognition has its place, his greatest achievements are the smiles, laughter, and shared joy that his photographs bring to those who experience them.

What sets his photography apart is the fusion of technical skill with the ability to anticipate and capture the essence of a moment. In every interaction, clear communication is his foundation. He goes above and beyond to ensure that each client not only receives exceptional photographs but also an unforgettable experience.

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